May 6, 2011

Delicious – Bangsar Village II

A few years ago we seemed to be forever visiting Delicious for breakfast, lunch or tea with the Bangsar Village outlet being our preferred venue of choice. With so many places to eat in the Klang Valley and with places such as Delicious having a queue at peak times its easy to end up skipping a place for several months.


Last weekend after a long absence we returned and had a rather mixed experience at the Bangsar Village outlet. I had no intention of blogging my visit but the experience left me so disappointed that I changed by mind.

After being left standing at the front for a few minutes whilst ignored by several members of staff we were finally called through and shown to one of the small tables adjacent to the glass wall separating the outside smoking section.

The issue of being ignored continued with the staff passing by our table completly oblivious to the fact that we would like to order our food and drinks. The strange thing about this was that we were sat near a small ordering station but the staff operating that area seemed completely spaced out and in their own little world.

Finally I called somebody over to order the food and drinks.

I ordered a lamb shank pie which was a mini lamb shank in a pie dish with a potato top plus a side dish of garlic potatoes and my wife ordered a classic Rueben.


I’m rather partial to a lamb shank and this pie was pretty tasty. From previous visits I know that the garlic/herb fried potatoes are nice and the side order complimented the pie well.

My apologies for no pics of the Ruben however the feedback was that it was pretty tasty.

Whilst eating I finished my fruit juice but did anybody see fit to ask if we are ok or would we like another drink or even some iced water which some other customers had in a different section? Nope they just drifted around adjusting tables and continuing to be in their own little world.

In many restaurants within this region I believe that they must have a shortage of plates because as soon as you finish your food you are likely to have your plate snatched by the staff. Delicious during this visit were no exception and bizarrely the space cadets (staff) took my empty plate whilst I’m still chewing the food and then after I picked up the last potato from the side dish they grabbed the bowl before I even had time to put the potato on my mouth.

It was only when I saw my the expression on my wife’s face when I realised that it wasn’t a bad dream.

After the meal I was still a little thirsty but the glass was still empty however the plate snatchers seemed oblivious to this.

I decided to write a note on a napkin stating something along the lines of “I’m an empty watermelon juice glass and everybody ignores me. Please nice waiter will you refill me” and then placed the note at the top of the glass.

Now to test whether the plate snatchers were really awake I moved the glass near the edge of the table and as if by magic the glass is snatched. No comment is made and before you can say one more drink please the glass had gone and was heading for the dishwasher.

After a moment the staff returned to their station and we sat wondering what would happen next. Well the answer was absolutely nothing and nobody bothered to ask us if we wanted desert, water or even the bill and the staff just kept on passing by.

Finally I stopped somebody and requested the bill and the formalities were promptly dealt with.

The food was pretty good (as usual) but the service leaves a lot to be desired. I wish now that I started filming it and perhaps the next time that this kind of thing happens I will place it on YouTube for all to see.

Food/Beverage: 4
Ambiance: 7.5
Value: 7
Service: 1.5

Lot GF-1, Ground Floor, Bangsar Village 2,
Jalan Telawi, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2287 1554

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