June 9, 2012

River View Seafood Restaurant @ Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor

I remember the first time I visited Kuala Selangor back in 2000 to see the fireflys at Kg. Kuantan. After taking quick walk around Bukit Melawati as the sun was setting we set off I noticed some rustic looking buildings in the distance, some on stilts jutting out into the river. Due to the absence of a decent map and the desire to find the firefly’s at I didn’t explore further.

During another visit in 2001 I decided to drive around and explore and found myself in Pasir Penambang. One particular restaurant called River View Seafood Restaurant looked busy, had a sunset view and despite not being hungry we stopped to check it out. We enjoyed our snack and cold beer whilst watching the sun set and returned many times over the years when guests have visited.

Over years the place has become more touristy and is popular with most Malaysians due to its pork free status. The prices seemed to have increased but reasonable and the food/ambiance is still the same which is pleasing.  

We recently took some guests to Kuala Selangor and with the new KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR Expressway) the journey is much quicker and easier. Naturally makan makan at Roverview was on the agenda.
  Easy to spot but parking can be an issue. 

The spacious and open interior. There is also a small upper floor available

Steamed fish

IMG_2150_800x600_thumb[9] IMG_2153_800x600_thumb[9]
 Crab and cockles

IMG_2146_800x600_thumb[9] IMG_2151_800x600_thumb[9]
 Pineapple rice and mixed veggies

Sweet Bread to soak up the crab’s chilli sauce

IMG_2149_800x600_thumb[10] IMG_2155_800x600_thumb[9]
IMG_2156_800x600_thumb[10] IMG_2158_800x600_thumb[9]
River view and sunset

Soon after sunset we departed for Kg. Kuantan and I couldn't help reflect on how hard it used to be to navigate the small and dark roads in the days before GPS was available for cars.

We enjoyed our meal at River View look forward to returning again soon for another sunset experience.

Food/Beverage: 9
Ambiance: 9
Value: 8
Service: 7

River View Seafood Restaurant
No. 1 Jalan Pasir Penambang
45000 Kuala Selangor
Tel: +60 3 3289 2238

Malaysian Football Shirts

One of the things that surprised me when I first arrived in KL 12 years ago was the level of interest in English football. This is mainly due to the mass TV coverage as well as the local league having been decline for some time due to a match fix fixing controversy, poor football quality and a ban on foreign players. As a result the many people have adopted the English Premier League as their own. In contrast the national side is a promising young team and could bring some success in the future. 

Following Malaysia’s success in winning the 2010 AFF Football Championship I’ve noticed that there has been a general increase in the number of replica shirts worn by people.

Over the years I’ve had several guests ask me where to buy an official replica shirt and this is a very difficult question to answer.

KL and the Klang Valley are a shopper’s paradise with the giant malls often housing both independent sport shops as well as official outlets from the main players such as Nike. In these stores you can find usually find replica kits from most of the top clubs and countries in Europe as well as few popular countries such as Brazil however I’ve never seen any Malaysian national or domestic kits in all the 12 years I’ve lived here.

I remember in 2001 a colleague from the UK wanted to buy a Selangor shirt much to the amusement of our Malaysian colleagues who suggested that he may have more luck if he tried a pasar malam.

Judging by the some of the search results on google I’m not the only person who is perplexed by difficulties in buying a Malaysian football shirt.

If anybody knows where to get them then please let me know?

June 8, 2012

Suzi’s Corner @Ampang Point, KL

After another long break since my last visit I recently visited Suzi’s corner one Saturday evening. Nothing much has changed since my last visit, the steaks were as tasty as ever and the diverse crowed makes it a nice place to hang out for a while.

steak 1
Served with fries, green beans and a steak sauce

Medium cooked which is just the way I like it

Cheese Nann
Yes I know its greedy but the cheese nann is good to help soak up the steak sauce

Something to help keep me cool

The only criticism I had was that the service by the staff who provide the drinks and other (non steak) food was slow and disorganised for some reason that night.

Food/Beverage: 9
Ambiance: 9
Value: 9
Service: 6

Previous review: http://www.maninseat12a.com/2011/03/steak-hut-suzis-corner-ampang-point-kl.html

Suzi’s Corner
213/26 Jalan Ampang batu 4 1/2,
Jalan ulu kelang
Ampang, Malaysia, 68000
Please note: The Steak Hut stall is only 18:00-23:00 and is closed on Tuesdays
Tel: 03-42566720