February 26, 2013

KFC Malaysia - Restricted Menu

KFC in Malaysia is hardly the greatest advertisement of the KFC brand.

The service is often poor due to the staff being being slow and just larking around with their colleagues. To compound the problem the staff have such short term memory loss that they typically are unable to remember more then one item for example they have to keep checking the counter to see what we ordered 1 Zinger burger err what next?... err a coke, what next? ... errr wedges, hence the reason for the queues.  Owing to press reports of past incidents of staff attacking customers who complain its probably best to just keep quiet.

In addition a big concern is the hygiene standard because many of their restaurants I visited had dirty tables and a floor that was full of dirty marks and dropped food. Unlike some fast food outlets, KFC Malaysia don't seem to prioritise cleaning and housekeeping.

During the CNY holiday I visited an outlet in Wangsa Maju and was disappointed to find that the menu had been restricted from 9-17 Feb.


I've never experienced KFC UK, Singapore or Thailand doing this to why do KFC Malaysia do this?

Yet another feather in their cap of bad service awards.

Ikea Restaurant in Malaysia

I recently got dragged to Ikea in Malaysia during the recent Chinese New Year holiday long holiday. As expected the store was quite busy but bearable.

One thing I've never understood is the attraction of their restaurant considering the abundance of good affordable food.

On the particular day that I visited the queue stretched the full length of the restaurant which has to be the longest I've seen there.



Now if the food was fantastic or very very cheap then I may just see the logic of queuing for hours but hello this is Ikea, hardly the gastronomic paradise of Malaysia.

I really don't get it so perhaps somebody could help explain this attraction to me?

I'm back!!

After a long unplanned break I’m back.

So what happened? Well several things actually, I’m involved with the management committee at my condo and run their blog amongst other things which took up a lot of my time and then when it came to this blog I seemed to get writers block or didn’t have the enthusiasm for some reason.

Whilst I don’t get a huge amount of site traffic it was interesting to see what people been reading whilst I was away. So far the top 3 posts are:
  1. Ayers Rock Butcher and Grill @ Wangsa Maju
  2. Steak Hut @ Suzi’s Corner, Ampang
  3. River View Seafood Restaurant @ Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor

I didn’t enjoy my last visit to Ayers Rock several years ago however owing to the interest I may be tempted to give it another try.

So from now on I will try and update the site on a more regular basis and have several posts planned.