October 7, 2011

Good Service @ Hup Hoe Electrical, KL

My apartment was completed in 2008 and I needed to get some lights, in fact it was lots of lights for the multiple rooms I have. There are many lighting shops in KL so where do I start as an Englishman because it’s easy to end up paying inflated prices.

The contractor I was using at the time recommended a small simple place called Hup Hoe Electrical in Jalan Ipoh, KL and in addition this there are a couple of other electrical shops nearby so its handy location. I have to say that was initially sceptical when I walked in because it’s just a simple traditional shop but I found the service and prices good so no complaints what so ever.

Fast forward to 2011 we are having some renovation done and needed a few more lights of a similar kind to those purchased from Hup Hoe before. When I visited a few weeks ago nothing had really changed in the shop since 2008 and it was good to be recognised by their staff as a previous customer and then offered several discounts without having to ask.

In Malaysia I sometimes find that the service really sucks but at this shop was its really refreshing to find that I was both recognised and the discount was applied without asking.

Kudus to the team at Hup Hoe Electrical……

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