March 20, 2016

Suzi’s Corner – Ampang Point

On the Saturday after Chinese New Year we stopped by at Suzi’s Corner. It's little changed over the years with a new signboard, new plastic table cloths and few new stalls about the only visible changes.
Unfortunately the Steak Hut was closed but there were plenty of other nice things to try.

I had read an article in The Star which recommended the the mutton biryani so i thought that i'd give it a try. This biryani is served in a claypot and I added cheese nann and my wife had Ikan Bakar Tiga Rasa with some white rice.


The food was very tasty and just as were were finishing the heavens opened and tropical downpour started. What better excuse is there to stay put for a while and get and relax over a few more bottles of beer.


When the bill came they charged me RM187 which was rather a shock and from memory the prices were:

Mutton Birayani RM25
Cheese Nann RM15
Ikan Bakar RM60
Nasi Puetih (RM??)
Beer RM75 (RM25 ea)
Soft drink (RM??)

The food was very good and I’ll return soon for some steak and double checking the prices at the same time.

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