March 28, 2012

Tony Roma’s @ One Mont Kiara

On a Saturday 25th Feb we visited the Mont Kiara branch of Tony Roma’s for lunch and to shelter the rain.

I’m not a regular at Roma’s so I was looking forward to something different. Upon entering via the front entrance the staff seemed busy and disorganised and it was a while before we were attended to.

The choice of tables offered was limited not because it was busy but rather because so many tables were uncleaned and dirty.

Eventually a table was cleared and a menu given although after being left for a while it took several attempts to contact the staff to place the order for our food & drinks.

Now a point to make is that next to my wife's chair was a large splat of food on the floor from a previous diner and despite several requests to clear it no action was taken.

We ordered the chicken cesar flatbread pizza and a chicken swiss & beef bacon sandwich. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of the food but what I will say is that the flatbread was delicious and the sandwich was hearty and filling. The beer was on a 1 for 1 promo which is always a nice bonus.

Despite the food being good it was rather a disappointing event because of the poor service and cleanliness whereby many tables were left uncleared for a long time ( 20> mins).

The staff said that they had been busy due to a voucher promo and the upper section of the restaurant was closed for some reason but their headless chicken impersonations made things worse.

There is also a complete back of background noise, perhaps the lack of music or TV noise is the issue but it created a strange ambiance.

Overall if it was pretty mixed bag with good food but poor service and cleanliness.

Food/Beverage 8
Ambiance 3
Value 7.5
Service 4

One Mont Kiara
Lot G-23A, Grd Flr, 1 Mon't Kiara,
No.1, Jalan Kiara, Mon't Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-6203 0580
Fax: 603-6203 0601


  1. hahaha we have been one of those customers buying the discount vouchers. In fact we were just there last night! Sad to say what you described has happened every time we've been - service is bad, tables never cleaned, and food not always up to par. The groupon voucher is cheap, but I don't think we'll be back here any time soon.

  2. @Dropsof Contentment - I think I need to get smart and buy some vouchers and save some money when I eat out.

    BTW I enjoy your blog, keep up the excellent work!