February 9, 2016

Clearance Corner

Western imported good are pretty expensive in Malaysia so any opportunity to pick up some on the cheap its welcomed.

Having previously worked in the retail industry I’m well aware what food labels or date codes mean and their associated risks. Almost everything these days has to have a best before date however most non perishable food is usually ok to consume for considerable amount of time afterwards.

Cold Storage is a large retail chain carrying a large selection of imported goods with many supermarkets in both Malaysia and Singapore. It always amuses me that Cold Storage stock a range of imported Waitrose budget products and sell them at a premium price. Seriously who would pay a premium for tins of economy veg or packets of frozen french fries?

In almost every outlet located somewhere is a section displaying goods approaching their best before date and in some cases there some absolute bargains to be had especially the Waitrose goods.


I think in developing an addiction to buying marked down goods because its now the first place I visit whilst my wife is picking up the usual groceries.


  1. I check the clearance aisle in every supermarket I'm in, even Tesco :P

    But half the time I walk away empty handed, so it's basically for sport at this point.

    1. Yup you are right its a kind of sport. BTW nice blog site you have & will read more later.