February 9, 2016

Why do people stop updating blogs?

Having been a reader of several good blogs its always frustrating when the updates stop, especially if there is no announcement and then after period of time the site or domain name stops working as well.

I guess I’m guilty of this and it’s got me thinking about why I paused my writing.

Freedom of speech
One of the reasons I started writing was to express by thoughts and share both the things that I’m positive about and also my frustrations and observations of life. Whilst I may write anonymously it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find out my personal details and with advent of several mega troll sites things can quickly get out of hand if somebody takes offence to a posting. A witch hunt can quickly begin, your person details can get posted online very quickly which has often resulted in lives and careers ruined. As a result I've seen a sharp decline in the number of people who share their rants and banter on their blogs and social media sites.

Voluntary Work
From 2011 for four years I was heavily involved with my condo management committee in KL. Most of my spare time was taken manning the JMC’s blog, Facebook, email comms, accounts and dealing with operational matters. This was both an immensely satisfying role as well as frustrating and disappointing. Towards the end I encountered the ugly side of Malaysia with racism and hate directed towards me simply for performing my role, refusing to bow to bigots and racists, standing my ground and not flip flopping like many in a position of authority do so that they can please people. The role become extremely consuming and the frustrating side of it meant that I had no desire, positivity or energy to write for myself.

Trying to balance the above and a weekly 350km commute each way into a demanding role at an international bank just seemed cause complete writers block and a lack of interest in personal blogging.

So now - well after a long rest and having time to reflect I’m refreshed and ready to slowly write again.

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