January 17, 2011

Breakfast at my local mamak

Malaysia has one of the most diverse cuisines mainly owing to its history, location on the former spice route and culinary influence from Thailand and Indonesia.

Different places mean different things to people and this applies here to so when I ask different people about Malaysia they generally identify it with either food , the Petronas towers or the F1 race.

Eating out and food is a national past time and way of life here as opposed to the UK where it's more of a luxury. Having lived in Asia for the best part of a decade I've happily embraced this culture and when I'm back in Europe I find that after a few days I'm craving for my Malaysian delights and just want to get some quick cheap food.

There are many places to eat in KL from street stalls to cafes to 5 star restaurants but for me my favourite place has to my local mamak restaurant where I can go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. In KL there seems to be a restaurant or cafe every few hundred meters and my local area of Wangsa Maju is no exception. 

The giant restaurant NZ in Wangsa Maju is a real gem of a place with a car park, large outdoor seating at night area and EPL at weekends.

Breakfast has got to be my favourite meal whether its a western breakfast, a feast in a hotel or even an egg Mcmuffin but for me nothing comes close to the my local mamak breakfast. Nasi Lemak is one of the national dishes but for me my favourites dishes include:

Roti canai (prata for people in sg) served with either a chicken or dhal curry

Tosai telur again with dhal, curry or coconut

Teh tarik - the sweet milky frothy tea which is an absolute pleasure to drink any time of the day

At night time the place seems to come alive with the extra outdoor tables, EPL (football) and additional menu items such as satay and tandoori dishes which I'll blog on later.

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