January 19, 2011

Look out for the Man In Seat 12a

So how do bloggers get people to their blog?
Google? Referrals? Word of mouth? The press? All of these I guess.

Whilst it’s important to have good content you need to actually get people there in the first place.  The Man in Seat 12a is thinking about getting a t-shirt printed which will be used, you guessed it, when I travel in seat 12a on Air Asia, Tiger or other airlines. In the age of smartphones people can check the site instantly to see what it's about and I’m bound to get some strange looks from people but who cares.

Will it work? probably and you only have to look at Tony Fernandes who is never seen without a hat displaying Air Asia or Team Lotus logos.

Look out for the Man In Seat 12a and don’t be afraid to say hello.

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