March 2, 2011

EwF by Everything with Fries @ Orchard Central, Singapore

EwF is a fast food variant from Everything with Fries which have several outlets in Singapore and sell a range of premium burgers in a fast food environment as opposed to their existing restaurant type of set up.


The outlet is located on the ground floor of Orchard Central mall and has seating both in and outside their unit. The outside area is located within an indoor alfresco type of setting next to Coffee Bean.


I have visited EwF several times and my favourite order there is the lamb burger with original style fries. I believe that the bread and meat patties are hand made and all food is cooked fresh to order. On my last visit I again ordered a lamb burger which contains a mixture of spices and is topped off by caramelized onions, garlic cream cheese and a tomato relish. Owing to the being handmade and freshly cooked it’s juicy, tender and very tasty to eat.

There is a choice of fries and I again took the original fries which are standard french fries with a covering of spices which tasted like the Mc Donalds shaker fries. These were very average at best and I think they would be better off with thicker fries or even handmade fries similar to those found at Smiths & Chips.

The food used to be served in a paper box however this time it came in a paper lined tray which I personally prefer because a box is a waste of paper.


There are several other burgers available to order some of which come with different breads as well as different flavour fries. In addition a few side orders and desserts are also available however to date I’ve not tried them.


The cost of the lamb burger meal was SGD $9.90 which I think is pretty reasonable when compared to the cost of a meal at Wendys, Carls and Handburger.

The service was prompt and polite but the student like staff seemed to be disorganised and not particularly enthusiastic or observant with several tables left dirty for a extended period of time whilst they chatted.

There is now a fair bit a competition in Singapore for premium/gourmet burgers but I think EwF can hold its own with a quality food product.

Overall I like EwF and during the afternoons it’s a nice quiet, chilled place to eat and escape the crowds on orchard road.

Food/Beverage 8
Ambiance 7
Value 8
Service 5

181 Orchard Central
Sun – Thurs 11am-10pm
Fri & Sat 11am-11pm
Tel: +6566348358

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