September 23, 2011

Jom Makan @ Westfield, Shepherds Bush, London

People often ask me if I miss the food in the UK and the question usually provokes some deep thought. Whilst I enjoy some of the food especially of the home cooked variety I’m so used to food with full flavours and spices that after a few days back in the UK I feel that something is missing.

After a couple of days back in the UK last March we finally got around to visiting the Westfield mall at Shepherds Bush and I have to confess I wasn’t disappointed. In and around KL we seem to be spoilt with the ever increasing number of mega malls which start to remember integrated cities and usually contain an entrainment centre along with amenities such as valet parking and concierge.

Now finally London has a decent mall it can be proud of and many aspects of Westfield made it feel like I was back home in Singapore or KL especially the huge number or Asian tourists who visit.

As lunch time approached we started looking at what we could eat and my eyes lit up when I found Jom Makan which is a Malaysian restaurant. After a quick scan of the menu I was happy that some of my favourite dishes listed.

Jom Makan  has a sister branch at Pall Mall and I understand that its owned by a malaysian business man however I didn't any remotely Malaysian staff at the restaurant.

The restaurant was very quiet however the interior was pleasant with artistic pictures of Malaysia on the walls and table mats.

IMG_1377_640x480 IMG_1375_360x480 IMG_1372_640x480

I ordered a kari kambing lamb curry) and a roti canai and my wife went for the nasi lamak to be washed down by a teh tarik (hot milky tea
IMG_1355_360x480 IMG_1356_640x480

Kari Kambing
IMG_1364_640x480 IMG_1365_640x480 IMG_1367_640x480

Nasi Lemak

So how was the food?

Whilst I enjoyed my lunch I have to confess that the food was far from perfect. The lamb was very tender and lean however the sauce tasted like it had come from a packet and seemed to be missing some real flavour.

The roti canai was disappointing and I believe that a frozen quick cook product was used which is very poor.

The teh tarik was also a let down and tasted that that made from a packet as opposed to real 1m high teh tarik.

My wife said the nasi lemak was good and that that the quality was generally better than most places in KL.

Whilst I’m critical I have to say that overall it was ok and would probably return but with different expectations and perhaps some things such as the roti I wouldn't order again.

The service was ok although not particularly friendly or engaging which was a shame.

I may return next time I’m in London if I need a food fix but the problem is I’m used to the real kampung food and this doesn’t live up to that and I'm sure that there is better malaysian food in London.

Food/Beverage 6.5
Ambiance 6
Value 6
Service 6.5

Jom Makan (Westfield) Restaurant.
Southern Terrace,
Westfield Shopping Centre,
London W12 7GA
Tel: 020 8735 5870

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