January 3, 2012

Marks and Spencer – Stupid Policy

On the 27th December I called into the flagship Marks and Spencer store in Oxford Street (London). The store was busy but bearable and after a while I selected some jeans and trousers try on. I was somewhat annoyed when I approached the changing room and saw this:

Now I always find that I need to try things on because they never need to fit based on size alone. Despite the staff empathising that they knew it wasn't that busy and they understood the inconvenience I wouldn't be allowed to try the items on.

After remonstrating some more a sales assistant proceed to measure me and assured me that the items would fit.

Owing the local store in Banbury not selling the items I had little choice but to buy the items along with the next size up.

Upon reaching home I found that none of the items fitted and had to return them the next day. As you can imagine the returns queue was big and the staff at Banbury questioning the rational behind this policy.

In the week I spent in the UK all I kept hearing was how tough it was for retailers to kept custom etc. etc.

Well M&S have a truly stupid policy which inconveniences people in more ways than one and next time (if there is one) I will just try the stuff on in the middle of the shop


  1. hahaha trying clothes on in the middle of the shop is a great idea! Perhaps next time you could wear a very tight pair Speedos to MnS so it's easier to try those pants while still protecting your modesty =D

  2. @Dropsof Contentment - haha that would probably get me thrown out