January 15, 2012

Tamarind Springs – Ampang

In November my family visited Malaysia so it was an opportunity to try some places that I’d been meaning to visit for years but had never got round to going to.

One such place was Tamarind Springs located in Ampang which is just a short drive from KL (traffic permitting!!). The restaurant is a classy venue set in a natural forest reserve and contains a mixture of rustic Asians treasures and furnishings.

The menu offers fine contemporary Indochinese food which is a level or two above that found in other places within the Klang Valley.  On of the great plus points is the absolutely delightful location, being set on the edge of a natural jungle and at night its extremely atmospheric.


As well as great outdoor setting the interior is tastefully finished to provide a nice ambiance.

IMG_1746_800x600 IMG_1725_800x600 IMG_1720_800x600

We enjoyed the food so much that we visited again the following week. Unfortunately I only have a few photo’s of the food however I can confirm that the dishes suggested by the waiter are thoroughly recommended.

IMG_1727_800x600 IMG_1729_800x600 IMG_1730_800x600

Food/Beverage 9
Ambiance 9.5
Value 8
Service 8.5

Jalan 1,
Taman Tun Abdul Razak (TAR),
68000, Ampang,
Tel.: +60 3 4256 9300

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