March 2, 2013

iPhone Repairs in KL

Now if anybody is likely to drop something in our house then it’s usually me. Last Sunday the roles were reversed and my wife dropped her iPhone 4s onto a tilled floor. After realising what a silly thing it was to do and enduring some banter from myself, the phone was checked and although there was  visible damage, the phone was dead.

As usual when things go wrong the timing was less than perfect with myself due leave within the next few hours to catch a flight back to Singapore.

After searching the internet for iPhone repair companies we found an a nearby independent company called Iphone2Fix. After checking the website and Facebook page I tried to call them but the handphone went straight to voice mail. Undeterred I drove the short distance and gave them a personal call.  

The small shop was clean, organised and the 2 staff were friendly and professional. After checking the phone they found that it simply needed a full reboot and not being an iPhone user myself I had no idea how such procedures were executed.  

There are so many places in Malaysia were service is awful and the integrity of individuals is questionable that it was a pleasant surprise to find this place.  

I cannot vouch for the quality of any repairs but so far so good from what I've seen.

iPhone2Fix (Setapak)
No 2-9, PV128, Jalan Genting Klang,
Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +010 245 5160 (Mr. Neezam / Amran)


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