February 21, 2011

Missing Money?

Have you ever been away on holiday and found that you suddenly have less money than you expected?

Most of the time this is because you either spent too much time shopping or had a few too many beers the night before and don’t remember all the expensive drinks that you bought. Occasionally there have been a few times that I just couldn't account for where some of the money had gone and from time to time the in-room safe would also malfunction.

Whilst looking for some info on chocolate I came across this site and the troubles that the writer had during his stay at a Cameron Highlands hotel made me wonder if I’ve also been scammed in the past?
Hotel Mismanagement Courses in Malaysia: Part 1
Hotel Mismanagement Courses in Malaysia: Part 2

If a safe is not safe then what is?

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  1. I have a similar experience while in Southern China last November. It was a 5-star hotel but the moment I step out from my room, the thieves had began their round. The modus operandi is very similar, they just took few pieces of the USD that I kept in the safe. I managed to get the manager to show me the CCTV recording and saw a total of 4 hotel's personnel lurking on the floor 4 minutes after I left and 1 eventually entered my locked room. He went in about 2 minutes ad during this short time, he had managed to open the safe where I kept my monies and left. When I reopened my safe the next morning, I realized that few pieces (not a small amount) had gone missing and went to complaint to the Manager. By evening that day, I found out that there are 2 other incident happened on the same floor and they have detained 3 of the staff. The one that went to my room had took off with the monies. Made a police report and at the end, the hotel returned my monies and giving some vouchers generously for compensation. A safe in your hotel's room is not a safe. They just need a proper equipment and there goes your cash kept in it. Given an option, please keep your valuable in the safe at the reception office.