February 21, 2011

Air Asia sneaky fee increases

So today Air Asia announced another promotion but they also had some other news they chose not to share.

The dreaded fees that we all love so much have increased by quite a high % amount. A sample of the increases on a KUL-BKK sector are:
  • Hot Seat: RM25 to RM30 = 20% rise
  • Convenience Fee RM6 to RM8 = RM33% rise
  • Supersize Regular - International (up to 15kg) RM 30 to RM 35 = 17% rise
  • Supersize Medium - International (up to 20kg) RM 35 to RM 40 = 14% rise 

I'm sure that there are many more increases but I haven't got the information to make the comparison. I really don't like the way that they try and bury the bad news under the hype of a promotion.

Its becoming more Ryan Air like as each month goes by which is not a good thing.

I guess the rule is to always check the bottom line when comparing flight costs.

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