April 4, 2011

Ayers Rock Butcher and Grill @ Wangsa Maju

Over the past few years Wangsa Maju has changed considerably with the opening of Wangsa Walk Mall and the adjacent Wangsa Link shop houses. As a result of the new developments several restaurants have opened including a branch of Ayers Rock Butcher and Grill.


After reading some positive reviews we recently decided to try our local branch on a Saturday night. The restaurant concept seems to becoming popular whereby there is a meat chiller cabinet with from which customers can choose the cuts of meat to take home.

The restaurant wasn’t practically busy although a few large groups occupied some tables after choosing our table we were presented with the menu. The menu is basic and the restaurant offers most cuts of meat, wagyu, sausages and burgers. In addition to meat Salmon, fish and Prawns were on the menu.

Things didn’t start well when my wife wanted the fish or the prawns only to be told that it was finished so she ordered the 150gm beef burger priced at RM15. I ordered the standard tenderloin priced at a reasonable RM45 and the menu states that all meals come with fries, salad and “special sauce”.

After 15-20 mins the waiter brought out a sausage meal and seemed confused when we told he that we hadn’t ordered that and a moment later my steak arrived. It was at this moment I realised that the waiter hadn’t asked either of us how we wanted out meet cooked with myself being partial to steak being cooked medium rare

I was starting to get concerned. The meat seemed to be several small thin cuts which is the first and I hope last time that a tenderloin is served that way. The steak was swimming in a black pepper & cream sauce and accompanied by salad and some cold potato salad.



After waiting some time neither fries or my wife's food arrived so I asked the waiter why there are no fries and was told that the menu said salad or fries. I disagreed and at this point I had to point to the menu and ask him to show where it said that and he conceded that he was wrong. Even if the menu had choices we were never asked.


After another 5-10 minutes a small basket of only just warm and undercooked fries arrived which were very poor. By now 35 minutes after arriving there was still no sign of the burger and we were informed that it would be another 10-15 mins and that the fries had now finished.

I really cannot believe that a restaurant which is situated within walking distance of a large Carrefour and a Cold Storage cannot get a bag of two of fries if they know that they are running low.

The steak was quite tasty however the sauce was over powering for somebody who is not a black pepper fan.

Almost 50 minutes after arriving the burger arrived and looked simple but good. The patty appeared to have been home made and was very tasty. Unfortunately the restaurant had decided that the burger would also be drowned in the special sauce which spoilt it a little.



The restaurant is halal and doesn’t serve alcohol so ice lemon tea was ordered.

The staff could clearly see that I was not at all impressed with either the service or food and to their credit a discount was offered when I paid.

I have to say that this was an extremely disappointing experience all round and although the prices are reasonable I cannot see myself going back there any time soon.

Food/Beverage: 4.5
Ambiance: 5
Value: 8
Service: 3

Ayers Rock Butcher and Grill
Jln Wangsa Delima 10
Wangsa Link
Wangsa Maju
03 4148 1333


  1. Dear Robert,

    Thank you for patronizing Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill. It raises a major concern to me when as a valued customer you had to go through an unpleasant experience at any of our outlets. It is unfair to the good foods were accompanied with good service. We owe you a sincere apology and hope that we are given chance to serve you better.

    For your information we had to reject the recent seafoods supply which had not reached our standard, and we are working to get replacement. As for the in-house sauce, we normally serve it together with the meal but you should be asked if you want it served separately, and steaks are served with chilled potato salad but again you may request for fries.

    The outlet manager and order taker had been sternly reprimanded for the serious disservice errors and a meeting will be held today to decide on the disciplinary actions to be taken.

    We sincerely hope that you will give another go with our outlet and experience the real Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill service standard.

  2. they have another outlet at kota damansara which i've been meaning to visit sometime, since i've heard good things about it. wonder if they'd allow customers to bring their own wine (like meatworks in solaris mont kiara does)...

  3. @Ayers Rock
    Many thanks for taking the time to respond and I appreciate your reply.

    I would like to make a suggestion that you update your menu to offer the sauce in a side pot to make it clearer for customers.

    From memory the menu clearly stated that all meals come with fries with contradicts your feedback so again perhaps you could update the menu.

    Finally please can you confirm if its usual practice to service a tenderloin in several pieces?

    I may try your restaurants again however it will probably be another branch

  4. Thank you for giving us another chance, the chance to serve you better. We take note of your comments. As for the tenderloin, our customers normally prefer it cut that way, but if I were there I would have suggested you 1 thicker piece that we can right away cut specially for you, that's the beauty of us being a butcher shop too.

    By the way I would suggest you come to our Kota Damansara outlet at 12A, Jalan PJU5/20D, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya. You can make reservation at 03-61426233.

  5. i wonder if these steak houses can whip up an extra sauce on the spot?? i usually go to menate in ampang jaya a it is halal (before i heard of meatworks & ayers rock)...i love sweet sauce with meat, so once they whipped up for me honey mustard. But at another visit, they point blank refused to do it and the waiter gave all kinds of excuse. I was sooo disappointed! the steak just didn't feel right for me without a sweet sauce.. hopefully these steak houses take into consideration what would make a customer's meal enjoyable and thus ensuring that they return for it!

  6. No idea about the sauce. From the blog stats it Seems that Ayers Rock gets a lot of interest but I stand by my review that I made last April.

  7. So, has Wangsa Maju's branch improved? Very interested to have a try. We all hate bad services. Good food must come with good service.

  8. @Dade - thx for comment. I will prbably go back and try place again in the next few weeks and let you know what it's like via another review.

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